Nu Beings

(dir Roy Hatcher)
Space and time collide, and communal ties are tested, in this animated, afrofuturistic tale of heroes and villains.

Paperback Hero Saga: Episode Petey Pablo

(Mason Parker)
Mason shares a world brimming with hidden potential, where the choice between good and evil lies within each of us. The story revolves around Mason Myers, an unsuspecting bookkeeper, whose life takes an unexpected turn after his father’s demise.

We Were Meant To

(dir Tari Wariebi)
In a world where black men have wings and their first flight is a rites of passage, Akil must defy societal barriers to discover his perfect launch into manhood.

The Space Race

(dirs Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, Lisa Cort├ęs)
An emotive and educational exploration of the experiences of the first Black astronauts. It weaves together archival footage of U.S. space expeditions, Afrofuturist cultural milestones, and stories told by these pioneers, into an enlightening dialogue about the expectations placed on trailblazers.

Danger Word

(dir Luchina Fisher)
A 13-year-old girl and her grandfather try to survive a zombie plague at his wooded cabin, as her birthday celebration goes awry.


(dir Ebony Blanding)
When a tween mermaid enthusiast discovers an ailing water creature, she uses a magical wish to change the fate of their existence…and her own.

Everybody Don't Electric Slide

(dir Rodney Stringfellow)
At a large family gathering after a funeral, an older woman confronts an awkward young man she doesn’t recognize. In order to reveal his identity, she forces him to use a haunted typewriter that will only type
the truth.

Danger Word Tenth Anniversary Discussion

DJ Set

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