About CineOdyssey Film festival

The CineOdyssey Film Festival showcases diverse, contemporary films from around the world, featuring cutting edge works by filmmakers of color from the African, Caribbean, Latino, Asian, and Native American diasporas, as well as the U.S.

It serves to bring together diverse audiences, bridge cultural understanding, and encourage the artistic development of aspiring filmmakers. Through workshops, panel discussions, celebrated guest speakers, and educational programming throughout the year, the festival’s intent is to entertain, enlighten, empower, and engage. The impressive lineup of films boldly address the multicultural issues of today, which meet at the intersection of race, class, and gender, as well as celebrating the creative craft of the art form.

About Our Founder

Tre’ McGriff stands as a notable figure in the world of independent film and cultural advocacy, blending his passion for cinema with a commitment to showcasing diverse voices through the CineOdyssey Film Festival. His journey into the film industry is marked by a rigorous academic and practical foundation, having studied at the Hollywood Film Institute and the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York. McGriff further enriched his understanding of communication and cultural studies with a B.A. from the University of Buffalo, majoring in Communications and African American Studies. This multidisciplinary approach has equipped him with a unique lens through which to view and influence the film industry.

McGriff’s career is distinguished by his hands-on experience in film production and his dedication to promoting independent cinema. As an associate producer of “Danger Word”, a short film penned by renowned sci-fi novelist Tananarive Due, and a producer of several local independent films, McGriff has demonstrated a keen eye for storytelling that resonates with audiences. His role in curating V.I.P. and advance screenings for film companies has allowed him to foster a community of cinephiles and filmmakers, further solidifying his reputation as a pivotal figure in the film festival circuit. His expertise and passion for film have also led him to serve as a programming director, panelist, and special juror at various film festivals, showcasing his dedication to the craft of filmmaking and his commitment to bringing diverse stories to the forefront.

Beyond his contributions to film production and festival curation, McGriff’s leadership roles, such as his tenure as the board chairman of the OnQ Performing Arts theater company, underscore his commitment to the arts. His graduation from the Arts and Science Council Cultural Leadership Training Program speaks to his desire to blend artistic vision with effective community leadership. McGriff’s role as a social media ambassador for the African American Film Critics Association, along with his memberships and support of organizations like kweliTV, Black Public Media, and the International Animated Film Association, highlight his dedication to supporting and promoting African diaspora and animated films. Through his diverse contributions to the world of film and culture, Tre’ McGriff not only enriches the cinematic landscape but also fosters a more inclusive and diverse cultural dialogue.


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