CineOdyssey Film Festival 2021

Thursday, November 18 

Location: Harvey B. Gantt Center551 S. Tryon St, Charlotte, NC28202 
Reception: 7 pm-8 pm
Opening Night Film 

Queen Of Glory 

*Will not be screened virtually 

Dir: Nana Mensah 
Narrative | Feature | 2021 | 78 mins | U.S 

Sarah, the child of Ghanaian immigrants, quits her Ivy League PhD program to follow her boyfriend to Ohio. When her mother dies suddenly, she bequeaths her daughter a Christian bookstore in the Bronx. A follow-up on the classic immigrant’s tale, Queen of Glory provokes laughter and empathy, as its heroine is reborn through her inheritance. 

Preceded by:

Dir: Shannon Harris 
Narrative | Short | 2021 | 15 mins | U.S 

Hannah ends three-year on-again, off-again “situationship” with Roman due to irreconcilable world views that have potentially serious ramifications. But it wasn’t “all a wash.” 


Al Sit 

Dir: Suzannah Mirghani 
Narrative | Short | 2020 | 20 mins | Sudan 

In a cotton-farming village in Sudan, 15-year-old Nafisa has a crush on Babiker, but her parents have arranged her marriage to Nadir, a young Sudanese businessman living abroad. Nafisa’s grandmother Al-Sit, the powerful village matriarch, has her own plans for Nafisa’s future. But can Nafisa choose for herself? 


Dir: Janet Marrett 
Narrative | Short | 2021 | 15 mins | UK 

Olivia, a trainee professional, finds herself opposing the government that is seeking to criminalize her mother in this intricate story about family, politics and justice. 

Blinded By Sight

Dir: Amy Rose D’Allessandro Stolz 
Narrative | Short | 2021 | 5 mins | US 

In the fight for justice, we can not unsee what we’ve seen. 


Dir: Sonia Nwabukwu, Chike Nwabukwu 
Narrative | Short | 2020 | 24 mins | US 

When money gets tight for a young couple, their differences in deciding how to overcome their predicament causes more problems than they bargained for. 


Dir: Shannon Harris 
Narrative | Short | 2021 | 15 mins | U.S 

Hannah ends three-year on-again, off-again “situationship” with Roman due to irreconcilable world views that have potentially serious ramifications. But it wasn’t “all a wash.” 

Just A Man and A Woman 

Dir: Oscar Torre 
Narrative | Short | 2021 | 15 mins | US 

Meeting secretly at a hotel once a week, a man and a woman are soon forced to make a decision that will change their lives forever. 

Mano De Oros (Hands Of Gold) 

Dir: Merced Elizondo 
Narrative | Short | 2020 | 34 mins | US 

Sergio, a former mechanic, is in the middle of a crippling battle with arthritis. When the opportunity to fix an old family-friend’s truck arises, Sergio begins a downward spiral towards denial and self-destructive behavior in an attempt to regain his identity as a working man with purpose. As a result, his struggling relationship with his son is put to the ultimate test. 

The Audition 

Dir: Eric Liberacki 
Narrative | Short | 2020 | 18 mins | US 

Tony Mendes, a Latino actor who doesn’t fit the Hollywood stereotype, goes to great lengths to get casting directors to look beyond the surface and notice his talent. 


Dir: Bobby Yan 
Narrative | Short | 2021 | 12 mins | US 

Covering one year of the 2020 pandemic, a successful young Asian American struggles to navigate life during the lockdown. 

Friday, November 19

Location: Protagonist Southend, 227 Southside Dr, Charlotte, NC, 28217 

Screenings and Discussion: 7 pm-11 pm 

One Pint At A Time 

Dir: Aaron Hosé 
Documentary | Feature | 2021 | 90 mins | US 

A look at how Black brewers, brand owners and influencers across the country are reshaping the craft beer industry and the future of America’s favorite adult beverage. 


Dir: Ben Leiataua 
Narrative | Short | 2020 | 6 mins | US 

A hilarious send up of beer commercials, a production crew is interrupted during shooting when a drunk patron antagonizes the main actor. The film crew and bar regulars decide to settle their differences in an epic, action filled showdown. 

A Conversation With: 
Atinuke Diver 

Atinuke Diver is Executive Director and Lead Organizer of Durham CAN (Congregations, Associations and Neighborhoods) and is the current President of the Research Triangle Area Chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel. A first-generation American and the daughter of Nigerian immigrants, she is Director/Producer of the short documentary 98, and is currently working on her first feature-length documentary film: This Belongs To Us, a short clip of which will be screened and discussed. THIS BELONGS TO US chronicles the stories of Black women brewers in the American south and explores their journeys of reclamation and revival as they navigate the predominantly white-, male-dominated landscape of beer in the United States. 


A Date, With History 

Dir: Gaspar González 
Documentary | Short | 2021 | 11 mins | US 

The 1955 arrest of a Black woman and a white man at a Miami motel, for violation of the city’s strict segregation laws, provides an unexpected glimpse into the era’s complex social history. 


Dir: Chan’Cellore Makanjuola 
Documentary | Short | 2021 | 21 mins | US 

When a group of Black UC Berkeley students initiates a statewide effort to repeal California’s 1996 ban on affirmative action, opposers lobby to keep the ban upheld, reigniting an ongoing debate on what merit truly means for different people. 

Anatomy Of Wings

Dir: Nikiea Redmond, Kirsten D’Andrea Hollander 
Documentary | Feature | 2020 | 85 mins | US 

A powerful, and heartfelt coming of age documentary chronicling the journey of ten young African American girls over a period of 12 years, as they navigate the nuances of poverty, violence and systematic inequity in their hometown of Baltimore. 

Far East Deep South

Dir: Baldwin Chiu, Larissa Lam 
Documentary | Feature | 2020 | 76 mins | US 

A Chinese-America family’s search for their roots leads them to the Mississippi Delta, where they stumble upon surprising family revelations and uncover the racially complex history of the Chinese in the segregated South.  

Love Art Revolution

Dir: Felix Semper, Pablo Semper 
Documentary | Feature | 2020 | 76 mins | Cuba, US 

Artist Felix Semper, best known for his unique stretchable paper sculptures, travels and meets up with other artists and singers in Cuba and across the U.S. in the spirit of collaboration. 

Rumba Rules, New Genealogies 

Dir: David Nadeau-Bernatchez, Sammy Baloji 
Documentary | Feature | 2020 | 107 mins | Democratic Republic Of The Congo 

A portrait of one of the great orchestras of African music, the Brigade Sarbati. Studio work, rehearsals, and concerts offer a foray into the dynamics and stories of this highly acclaimed Congolese music, from local roots to the patrons from the diaspora. 

The Roots Of Lacrosse

Dir: Shelby Tsioweri:iohsta Adams, Joanne Storkan 
Documentary | Short | 2020 | 24 mins | US 

The origins of the game of lacrosse has it’s roots in North American Indigenous nations. This short documentary provides a brief history of the sacred and cultural aspects of this sport, originally played for the Creator, as well as for the health and welfare of the peopleThe movie also defines the three types of North American, Indigenous lacrosse: Iroquois, Great Lakes, and Southeastern. 

Saturday, November 20 

Location: Little Rock Cultural Center, 401 N. Myers St 
401 N. McDowell St, Charlotte NC, 28204

Pop Up Drive In Screenings: 6 pm-10 pm 

Regional Joints (NC and SC) 

3:35 To Boston

Dir: Kay Barnes 
Narrative | Short | 2021 | 9 mins | US 

A military wife, struggling to balance all the pieces of her life, breaks down when she realizes the life she had originally planned for herself may not be possible. 


Dir: Keema Mingo 
Narrative | Short | 2021 | 26 mins | US 

“First” is about those awkward moments a couple endures right before they have their first sexual encounter with each other. 

I Wish Charleston 

Dir: Seneca Robinson 
Narrative | Short | 2021 | 5 mins | US 

A video inspired by Countee Cullens “Incident” poem, a visit to Charleston South Carolina, and the racial state of affairs in Black America. 

Behind The Ink 

Dir: Mark Pendergrass, Rhasaan Smith, Terance Murray, Korey Townsend 
Documentary | Short | 2021 | 33 mins | US 

BEHIND THE INK is a first-of-its-kind film put together by local Charlotte, NC students and creatives with the mission of exploring untold narratives of those who are inked. This documentary was produced and shot entirely by Creating Exposure Through The Arts [a 501c3 non-profit organization] students and instructors. 

To The Moon! 

Dir: DaRemen J 
Narrative | Short | 2021 | 3 mins | US 

A young boy and his older brother dream big and build a rocket ship to the moon. 



Dir: Lyanne Rodriguez 
Narrative | Short | 2021 | 3 mins | US 

An awkward young moth goes through growing pains as his life plays out as a public service announcement. 

Dad’s Hibiscus 

Dir: Jiamu Tao 
Narrative | Short | 2021 | 5 mins | US 

10-year-old Sammie tries to make the sun stay in the sky in order to save his hibiscus that only lives for one day. 

The Power Of Hope 

Dir: Kalia Love Jones 
Narrative | Short | 2020 | 9 mins | US 

When her mother falls ill, an aspiring architect grapples with feelings of helplessness, but moved by the words of Michelle Obama, she finds the will to persevere and bring her dreams to life. 

Closing Film

I’m Fine, Thanks For Asking

Dir: Kelley Kali, Angelique Molina 
Narrative | Feature | 2021 | 90 mins | U.S 

When a recently widowed mother becomes homeless, she convinces her 8-year-old daughter that they are only camping for fun while working to get them off of the streets. 


Sci Fi, Fantasy 

An Uninvited Guest 

Dir: Richard B. Pierre 
Narrative | Short | 2021 | 4 mins | Canada 

A timely political commentary on racism and police brutality, as told through the lens of a classic sci fi trope. NOTE: Also screening at pop up drive in. 


Dir: Wanjiru Njendu 
Narrative | Short | 2021 | 3 mins | US 

A spirit metes out vengeance when a young girl ignores her mother’s warning about the Pied Piper myth. 


Dir: Andrew Hamilton 
Narrative | Short | 2021 | 30 mins | Canada 

When a disturbing occurrence befalls a young man packing up a shuttered bookstore in the Toronto neighborhood of Little Jamaica, he comes face to face with a terror greater than anything he could ever imagine. Pulled from Jamaican folklore, and a horror-driven meditation on the displacement of diaspora. 

99 Problems 

Dir: Michael G Kehoe 
Narrative | Short | 2021 | 17 mins | US 

A stranger offers people an opportunity to change their immediate future, an offer that could save them from danger. 

Godfrey’s Light 

Dir: Darian O’Neil 
Narrative | Short | 2021 | 10 mins | US 

A gas station attendant discovers a strange connection between herself and a criminal scheduled for execution on live television. 


Dir: Amiya Poplar 
Narrative | Short | 2021 | 13 mins | US 

A girl is forewarned of unexplainable evils in the new town she moves to, but elects to face the truth head on

Kemistry Klass Presents: Five For 5 

Five aspiring women filmmakers from Uganda get an opportunity to realize their dream of directing a short film in this wonderful initiative created by actress/filmmaker Kemiyondo Coutinho of Kemistry Klass and executive produced by Tika Sumpter. CineOdyssey is proud to co-present these films and a post screening talk back with the filmmakers.   

About Our Festival

The CineOdyssey Film Festival showcases diverse, contemporary films from around the world, featuring cutting edge works by filmmakers of color from the African, Caribbean, Latino, Asian, and Native American diasporas, as well as the U.S.


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