Opening Night Screening & Classic Soundtrack Listening Reception
Thursday, July 27, 2017
7:00 PM-11:00 PM

Little Rock Cultural Center 401 N. Myers Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Come join us as we present our opening screening, networking, refreshments, and the sounds of your favorite classic soundtracks!



She’s Got A Plan

A struggling writer/ film director gives herself an ultimatum: either make her dream career take off in 30 days or throw in the towel for good. But, will she be able to go against everything she believes to become everything she’s always wanted to be? Directed by and starring Fatima Washington, SGP is an insightful, satirical film that critics have described as “picking up where Robert Townsend’s Hollywood Shuffle left off”.

Directed by Fatima Washington and Corey Johnson
Comedy/2016/US/94 min

* Reception after screening

Friday, July 28, 2017

Mint Museum Uptown
500 South Tryon St Charlotte, NC 28202
1:00 pm-1:15 pm (Introductions)

SHORT BLOCK 1 (1:15 pm)


Samedi Cinema

A heartwarming story set in northern Senegal, where two resourceful young cinephiles hatch a plan to raise cash for a couple of movie tickets before the local cinema closes for good.

Directed by Mamadou Dia
Drama/2016/Senegal/12 min


14-year old Shayna Hill is admitted and runs away from her group home. Roughly inspired by the recent murders and attacks on 1200 plus Native American girls in Canada.

Directed by Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs
Drama/2016/Canada/7 min

WHORL (Home Grown Selection-SC)

In a fit of jealousy, a couple’s argument spirals out of control into a loop of repeating events when they stumble across the body of a dead man.

Directed by Ebony Wilson
Drama/2016/US/6 min

Morning Glory

Life’s a bitch and then you cry. A colorful coming of age tale about two best friends about to go their separate ways.


Directed by Robert Bertrand
Drama/2017/UK/17 min

Circuit (Home Grown Selection-NC)

A prisoner of sex trafficking escapes the darkness and vows to devote her life to rescuing others. 

Directed by Adam Ferguson
Drama/2017/US/8 min

A Beautiful Love

A resentful woman returns home to face her brooding boyfriend after disappearing for three days.

Directed by Stacey Larkins
Drama-Comedy/2017/US/10 min

La Madre Buena (The Good Mother)

A Mexican mother embarks upon an epic journey across land and against her politics, to find her son’s birthday request – a Donald Trump piñata.

Directed by Sarah Clift
Comedy/2016/Mexico/UK/6 min

I Had A Dream

The two most prominent African American leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s and Malcolm X’s views on civil rights place them on opposing sides of the same struggle. What if they had an opportunity to join forces?

Directed by Deidre Thomas
Drama/2016/US/15 min


A playful 2D pup encounters a curious new toy, a 3D basketball that has a mind of its own.


Directed by Anthony Williams
Animation/2016/US/5 min


Release (Home Grown Selection-NC)

A domestic abuse victim must confront her past when unforeseen circumstances force her to face her estranged family.
Directed by Edward Varnie
Drama/2016/US/84 min


No More Chains

Eleven determined women turn tragedy into triumph as they battle addiction, homelessness, and abusive relationships in a powerful documentary told through first person narratives, childhood reenactments, and expert interviews.



Q&A w/ Ari Squires (Business Strategist and Lifestyle Coach)

Dimple Ajmera (Charlotte City Council)

Fatima Washington (Film Director)

Davita Galloway (Artist, Designer, Owner of Dupp & Swat)

Glenn Proctor (Moderator, Founder of REDDjobb LLC)

SHORT BLOCK 2 (7:45 pm)

Final Decision

A little girl watches over her dying father, in hopes of reuniting her grief stricken parents in the afterlife.


Directed by Elaine Del Valle
Drama/2017/US/7 min


A meek high school janitor struggles to maintain his moral compass when a bullying incident at school spirals out of control.

Directed by Khaled Ridgeway
Drama/2016/US/7 min

Rayven Choi

A young woman, sent to Korea as a child, returns to America as a bounty hunter in order to catch the hit-man who brutally murdered her parents twenty years ago.


Directed by Shequeta L. Smith
Drama/2016/US/15 min

90 Days

A riveting story of love, integrity and compassion that explores a beautiful couple’s relationship and their life altering decision after ninety days of dating.

Directed by Nathan Hale Williams
Drama/2016/US/20 min


Nowhere, Michigan

A young man fleeing the scene of a murder ends up in a small, frozen town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. While the killers try to track him down, he becomes reluctantly involved in the lives of the colorful locals; a pregnant bartender, an older, gruff fisherman, a local drug dealer, and a girl-next-door waitress.


Directed by Robert Vornkahl
Drama/2017/US/97 min

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Mint Museum Uptown
500 South Tryon St Charlotte, NC 28202
11:00 am-11:15 am (Introductions)

SHORT BLOCK 3 (11:15 am)


A young Native American comic book artist discovers his inner strength through the tales of his grandfather and “Waabooz”, a super hero rabbit of his own design.


Directed by Molly Katagirl
Drama/2016/US/20 min

Bad Judgements 

A 17 year old girl visiting her ailing father in the hospital, finally speaks her mind about their bitter relationship.


Directed by Tina Jetter
Drama/2016/US/7 min

Free Weekend

No laptops, no cell phones, no video games, no nothing…What’s a family to do for the weekend?

Directed by Victor Jones
Drama/2016/US/14 min


A man confronts his feelings over lunch with his best friend, and opens a door that changes their lives.

Directed by Melvin Harris
Drama/2017/US/8 min

For All

The innocence of a young girl is taken away as she witnesses police injustice for the first time. History repeats, but it doesn’t have to.

Directed by Christopher Allen
Drama/2016/US/12 min


Prelude To Infusco (Home Grown Selection-SC)

Six rebel figures take refuge in an abandoned sector against a genetically enhanced superhuman race.

Directed by Ebony Wilson
Drama/2016/US/134 min


Tiny Wing

Two birds born with wing problems have the same dream to fly just like other normal birds.


Directed by Wei Li
Animation/2017/US/3 min

The Box

The happy life of a Syrian kid alters instantly with sudden war which changes not only lives, but also the role of his box; first as a carefully built toy house, then as a place to take shelter.

Directed by Merve Cirisoglu Cotur
Animation/2016/UK/Turkey/7 min

Kulture Keepers

A filmmaker looks at the connection between his Venezuelan heritage, the Gullah Geechee culture, and Africa.


Directed by Rene Alexander
Documentary/2015/US/15 min

Jack Solve, Private Eye

Jack Solve, a bumbling, 50’s noir styled private eye living in the year 2017, is hired to crack the case of Jessie Shoot, a sweet dame who’s been framed in a college campus robbery.


Directed by Adam MacDonald, Ben Kamens, Dominique Turner
Comedy/2017/US/23 min

SHORT BLOCK 4 (4:00 pm)

In The Spotlight

A rise to superstardom proves to be jazz singer Jenee Skylar’s biggest fall.



Directed by Willie Robbins
Drama/2017/US/19 min

Hijo Por Hijo (Child For Child)

The life of a Venezuelan kidnapper takes an unexpected turn while on his last job, when the roles in a tense situation are reversed.

Directed by Juan Avella
Drama/2016/Venezuela/11 min

Brixton Rock

Set in the 80’s, against the backdrop of the infamous riots in UK’s iconic south London borough, an angry, reclusive young man raised in care homes seeks out the mother who abandoned him as a child.


What happens when a White girl, a Black girl, a mixed boy, and an “other” get together?


Directed by Chad Quinn
Comedy/2016/US/11 min

Farewell Meu Amor

On the morning of the long-awaited reunion with his exiled family, a man is faced with the heartbreak of a different type of parting – from his lover.


Directed by Ekwa Msangi
Drama/2016/Tanzania/US/10 min

SHORT and TALK (5:00 pm)

Walk For Me

A conflicted teenager named Hassan is torn between his devotion to his single mother and a desire to be himself, and come out as “Hannah”.


Directed by Elegance Bratton
Drama/2016/US/12 min


Yolonda Ross : An Actor’s Journey

A conversation with one of  film and television’s busiest actresses, as she discusses her career arc and supporting roles in such projects as Antwone Fisher, Treme, Whitney, The Get Down, and the upcoming “The Chi”.

SHORT ENDS (6:30 pm)

Blank Canvas

Two strangers meet on a rooftop after both experiencing life changing situations.

Directed by Steven Bennett
Romance/Drama/2016/US/13 min

Victor and Isolina

An elderly Latino husband and wife, now living apart, answer questions about their life-long, complex relationship, told in a funny, “he said/she said” account and unique hybrid animation style.


Directed by William D. Caballero
Documentary/2016/US/6 min



On the eve of the ’92 LA riots, two Korean American brothers befriend a streetwise 11 year old African American girl, while forced to defend their struggling shoe store from the impending chaos.

Directed by Justin Chon
Drama/2017/US/94 min

* Presentations after screening

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