Now Accepting 2020

Film Submissions

Submission Qualifications Are Listed Below


• Films produced, directed, and starring a person who is of African, Caribbean, Latino, Asian, Native American, or African American descent. If producer or director is not a person of color, the film must at least star or prominently feature an actor/actress of the above ethnicities.

• Films will NOT be accepted if…
– showcased in any North Carolina film festival less than six months before the 2020 CineOdyssey Film Festival.
(Preference will be given to films that have a “Charlotte Premier” status with the CineOdyssey Film Festival)
– produced prior to Jan 1, 2019
– screening on any digital platform (i.e., Vimeo, YouTube, websites, etc.) before submission or acceptance in the 2020 CineOdyssey Film Festival.

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