JULY 18, 2019
7:00 PM


Mint Museum Uptown
500 South Tryon St Charlotte, NC 28202

Una Great Movie

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A beautiful diverse movie about a black American woman traveling to Mexico, slowly turns into a romantic comedy with an all-white cast. The absurd reality of chasing a dream.

Dir: Jennifer Sharp
Narrative | Feature | 2019 | 96 mins | U.S., Mexico

9:30 PM

By Your Side

When Sarah’s dad dies and she is unexpectedly connected with Leonie, a much older half-sister she never knew existed, she doesn’t expect to find any common ground- Sarah’s in her 20s, raised in the city, and of mixed Asian-Australian heritage, and Leonie’s twenty years her senior, Caucasian, and living in a small country town. But when they discover their shared experience of their father’s terrible country music collection, they learn that family connection is more than just skin-deep.

Dir: Marisa Brown
Narrative | Short | 2018 | 15 mins | Australia

Now Or Never

Stevie, a young woman in denial about the state of her relationship, is spending Christmas Eve alone in a bar. She meets Rita, a middle-aged woman still looking for prince charming, who just got dumped by the latest candidate. Stevie sees a possible future version of herself in Rita and realizes that she needs to change her life or risk winding up like Rita.

Dir: Rose Schimm
Narrative | Short | 2018 | 11 mins | U.S., Canada

Burying Mitchell


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Two women meet at the funeral of their ex-husband. In order to collect a $1 million life insurance policy, they must bury him by hand.

Dir: Sam Williamson
Narrative | Short | 2018 | 23 mins | U.S.

JULY 19, 2019
5:00 PM


Mint Museum Uptown
500 South Tryon St Charlotte, NC 28202

Amor de Madre

During a game of basketball with friends, Anthony, a young man trying to spread his wings, is invited to hang out. Feeling the pressures of his teenage years, he confronts his overbearing and protective mother, although she might have other thoughts about his newfound independence.

Dir: Wasly Castillo
Narrative | Student Short | 2018 | 6 mins | U.S.

Baba’s Next Chapter

As her father’s retirement approaches, a student filmmaker living abroad attempts to bring a story the father wrote to life, to prevent him from abandoning his one last creative passion that’s fading away.
Dir: Jamie C.X. Wang
Documentary | Student Short | 2019 | 10 mins | U.S., China

The Unheard Tales of Extream Bling

Indie artist Extream Bling and his peers takes viewers down memory lane and shares the pros and cons about breaking into the music industry.
Dir: Charles McGinty
Documentary | Student Short | 2019 | 6 mins | U.S.

Mr. Zoot Suit

After putting his dreams on hold, a university housekeeping supervisor follows his passion for dancing and educating others about the history of the zoot suit.
Dir: Chan’Cellore Makanjuola
Documentary | Student Short | 2018 | 17 mins | U.S.



The Block Captain

A vigilant neighborhood watchman confronts two criminals during his nightly patrol. What will happen when the three men cross paths?

Dir: Derek “Hi Def” Jones
Narrative | Short | 2019 | 17 mins | U.S.

Sound and Sole

Arthur Grimes is the only professionally working, African-American buck dancer in Boone, North Carolina. In this short documentary, Arthur recounts his dance journey from eager youth to professional master, gives us a glimpse into his performance experience, and demonstrates his deep love for Appalachian music, dance and history.

Dir: Cara Hagan
Documentary | Short | 2018 | 7 mins | U.S.

Foul Ball

With the odds stacked against him, former MLB star Lincoln Brinson gets another shot at destiny.

Dir: George C. Hayes
Narrative | Short | 2018 | 20 mins | U.S.

The Sound Of Silence

A man returns to his beach house along the Currituck Sound after losing his better half and wonders if the other half will ever be whole again.

Dir: Donald Wilson
Narrative | Short | 2018 | 7 mins | U.S.




Two “seasoned” women – one white, one black, are forced to sit together on a crowded bus. What begins as a very bumpy ride ends up taking us on a short trip to enlightenment via detours of varying points of view.

Dir: Sandra Hamlin
Narrative | Short | 2018 | 20 mins | U.S.


On her tenth birthday, Olivia wants to follow the same rite of passage as her brothers…to get hit by her father so she can become a man.

Dir: Rodney Stringfellow
Narrative | Short | 2018 | 12 mins | U.S.

Silence Sam

A work-in-progress documentary that follows the student-led movement to remove the Silent Sam statue, and the systemic silencing of campus activism by university administrators at UNC Chapel Hill.

Produced by students from the UNC School of Media & Journalism
Documentary | Short | 2019 | 39 mins | U.S.



9:00 PM

8 Slices

A mysterious stranger turns up at a small town pizzeria just as the business fails and it’s employees question the “American Dream”. As he endears himself to the locals, it soon becomes clear he has a motive behind his travels, and did not just stumble into Patronies Pizza looking for a job.

Dir: Nick Westfall

Narrative | Feature | 2018 | 82 mins | U.S.

JULY 20, 2019
11:00 AM


Mint Museum Uptown
500 South Tryon St Charlotte, NC 28202

Art Of The Doc: A Talk With Christopher Everett

The director of the award winning, acclaimed “Wilmington On Fire”  discusses the process of funding, producing, distributing, and making money with documentary films…the indie way.

Room 140

Immigrants just released from detention centers spend their first night in Oakland at a motel, paid for through the charity of a local pastor. For one night of respite, they rest, reflect, and prepare for the next phase of their journey.

Dir: Priscilla Gonzalez Sainz
Documentary | Short | 2018 | 12 mins | U.S.


I’m Sorry

A young African American man spends his last free day before heading to prison apologizing to everyone near and dear to him for betraying their trust in him.

Dir: Marcellus Cox
Narrative | Short | 2018 | 15 mins | U.S.

The Tattooed Heart

A creative writing instructor at a juvenile detention center finds common ground with a troubled student,  yet quickly finds herself in great danger when she decides to help her.

Dir: Sheldon Wong Schwartz
Narrative | Short | 2019 | 9 mins | U.S.

Sin Regresos (No Returns)

Karina and Emilia are two young women from a religious order in Mexico. Emilia a novice with a deep and strong vocation, Karina a youthful rebel that hides from justice behind the doors of the convent. Once the police inch closer to her, Karina asks Emilia to help her orchestrate an escape.

Dir: Karla Badillo
Narrative | Short | 2018 | 15 mins | Mexico

No Me Olvidare’ De Ti (I Will Not Forget You)

Still struggling with loss, a caring father and his daughter are inspired by the Christmas spirit to connect with their Puerto Rican roots by reaching out to victims of the hurricane. 

Dir: Laila Petrone
Narrative | Short | 2019 | 12 mins | U.S.


A fictionalized short film based on the true story of the terrifying daring escape of Henry “Box” Brown, who used creativity to escape from slavery in 1849 by mailing himself to freedom.

Dir: Wanjiru Njendu
Narrative | Short | 2018 | 7 mins | U.S.


Inspired by true events, GLIMPSE reflects on the victims of the Mother Emanuel AME Church shooting and those they left behind, as told through a series of voice messages left to an elderly gentleman by his wife.

Dir: Peres Owino
Narrative | Short | 2018 | 6 mins | U.S.


A young dad, whose wife battles drug addiction, fights to protect his daughter and to stop the cycle.

Dir: Steven St. Pierre
Narrative | Short | 2018 | 11 mins | U.S.

ME 3.769

A pubescent Latina looks forward to her maturing body, but must soon cope with the sexual misconduct of someone she trusts. 

Dir: Elaine Del Valle
Narrative | Short | 2018 | 9 mins | U.S.

Esta Es Tu Cuba (This Is Your Cuba)

ESTA ES TU CUBA is inspired by the real-life stories of the children involved in Operation Pedro Pan, the mass exodus of over 14,000 unaccompanied minors from Cuba to America in the 1960’s.

Dir: Brian Robau
Narrative | Short | 2018 | 20 mins | Puerto Rico


A Happy Divorce

Intelligent, beautiful, defiant Jenny has the courage to follow her desires to get what she wants, but at what price? A Happy Divorce deals with who we sacrifice when our deepest desires lead to emptiness, at the expense of life itself.

Dir: Jamal Hodge
Narrative | Short | 2019 | 24 mins | U.S.

Cecilia The Celibate

In a world of online dating and social media hook ups, Cecilia Vasquez, an Afro Latina millennial, decides to take an abrupt dating hiatus after several failed attempts at finding the “one.” After taking a vow of celibacy, she meets the charming Ryan. Will fessing up cause a challenge to this new relationship, or a deeper and more meaningful connection?

Dir: Crystal S. Roman

Narrative | Short | 2019 | 40 mins | U.S.

4:00 PM


Panel Discussion- Media Marketplace: Distribution Strategies For Content Creators Of Color

Moderated by Andy Goh, Podcast producer and consultant, Creative Mornings Charlotte. Panelists: DeShuna Spencer, (Founder-kweli TV), Judith Barriga (Community Relations-Norsan Media, Journalist-Hola News, Radio Personality-Latina 102.3 FM), Steve Rutherford (Founder-SQAIR Media)


5:30 PM

Suicide By Sunlight

Valentina , a day-walking Black vampire protected from the sun by her melanin, is forced to restrain her bloodlust in order to regain custody of her estranged daughters.

Dir: Nikyatu Jusu
Narrative | Short | 2019 | 18 mins | U.S.

Hollow Pond

After being abandoned by his brothers, a young Maasai boy must outwit a mysterious force to be reunited with his family.

Dir: Rolfin Nyhus
Narrative | Short | 2019 | 14 mins | U.K.

The Bumbry Encounter

The year is 1961. Jackie and Terry Bumbry are a interracial couple who have a paranormal encounter with a bright light in the sky while driving near Mount Shasta.They report their experience to local law enforcement, who bring in a psychologist to assess the situation. But as Jackie tells her story to the doctor she comes to realize that there may be ulterior motives at play.

Dir: Jay K. Raja
Narrative | Short | 2018 | 17 mins | U.S.

Four Points

Four average citizens have been selected by the newly elected tech-genius President of the United States to participate in a game that will determine the policy of the new administration. Will they win hundreds of thousands of dollars and guide the future of the country, or will their differences cost them everything?

Dir: Cadell Cook
Narrative | Short | 2019 | 33 mins | U.S.


Panel Discussion- A Convo On Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror, and Afro Futurism in Cinema

Moderated by Daryle and Margo Lockhart, founders of Sci Fi Generation. With Cadell Cook (director, “Four Points”)

7:30 PM

Catch A Girl

Eleven year old Darius meets up with friends that conspire to play a popular childhood game, targeted to take advantage of girls. Young voices and real situations examine the development of problematic notions of gender roles, and expectations that take shape during childhood.

Dir: LeRon Lee
Narrative | Short | 2019 | 15 mins | U.S.

Ur Mines

A talented but frustrated saxophone player travels to London looking for inspiration. While there he happens upon a beautiful photographer who serves as his guide while teaching him about the rich black history of the East End. However, as they end their first day together he learns that she has saved her best story for last. 

Dir: Jeff Lucky
Narrative | Short | 2018 | 7 mins | U.S.

Closing Night Film: Love Cecy

Ripped from the headlines, back to the free-style culture of 1990s Richmond, California this films retells the story of 15 year old Cecilia Rios. It follows Rios’ promising beginnings, and her dreams to become a lawyer, while keeping her cholo boyfriend off the streets. However, her life tragically ended on March 14, 1994, when her brutal murder was chronicled by newspapers across the country.

Dir: Jay Francisco Lopez
Narrative | Feature | 2018 | 140 mins | U.S.

10:00 PM

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