JULY 13, 2018
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A husband only dreams of his wife’s possible infidelity, but his dreams suddenly drive his reality.

Dir: Will Robbins  Prod: Meleisha Edwards
Narrative | Short | 2017 | 11 mins | U.S.


After spiraling into a deep depression, a young woman’s desperate plans are intercepted.

Dir: Jackie J. Stone  Prod: Bailey Brown
Narrative | Short | 2017 | 17 mins | U.S.


In a land where women rule, 18-year-old Adama, a pledge of the Mystical Order of Goddesses, must pass the final initiation ritual against her enemy, Evesus, or face the punishment of death.

Dir: Tiara Luten  Exe Prod: Mimi Valdes
Narrative | Short | 2017 | 20 mins | U.S.

Room Tone

Lloyd, a freelance sound mixer in Kansas City, loves his job, but can’t shake his unfulfilled dream of being a full time musician. The film deftly explores an artist’s conflict; the fine line that separates joy and self-doubt.

Dir: Morgan Cooper
Narrative | Short | 2018 | 15 mins | U.S.

Jabari Keating

A young man makes a life altering decision in this candid, first person narrative film that explores his personal reflections, life experiences and trials and tribulations as an African American in present day America.

Dir: Stacey Larkins
Narrative | Short | 2018 | 10 mins | U.S.


Mr. Gele

A profile of the intriguing life of celebrated, Houston-based Hakeem Oluwasegun Olaleye, master craftsman of the African headwrap, known as the gele.

Dir: Gladys Edeh
Documentary | Short | 2017 | 15 mins | U.S.

Still Water Runs Deep

An intimate story of a man whose concealed emotions begin to stir when faced with the portent of a missing son.

Dir: Abbesi Akhamie
Narrative | Short | 2017 | 15 mins | Nigeria


As her mother routinely does her daughter’s hair, the young girl finds solace in confessing earth shattering news.

Dir: Kelly Fyffe-Marshall
Narrative | Short | 2017 | 4 mins | Canada


An angel descends from Heaven to Brooklyn looking to clear the air, find common ground, and bridge the gap between law enforcement and minorities.

Dir: Marcellus Cox
Narrative | Short | 2017 | 14 mins | U.S.

Welcome Back

After being deported to Mexico, Carmen is forced to survive in a country she doesn’t understand anymore. Struggles ensue as she looks for answers to where she’s really from, and which country is truly her home.

Dir: Matias Nilsson
Narrative | Short | 2017 | 22 mins | Mexico, U.S.


The Pure and the Primitive

In a twisted fable, a woman is forced to question her role in society as a superior species above men.

Dir: Ebony Wilson
Narrative | Short | 2017 | 8 mins | U.S.

Jelly Bean

After the death of her adopted mother, a young girl secretly decides to find her biological parents, possibly causing a rift with her still grieving adopted father.

Dir: Devin Walker
Narrative | Short | 2018 | 16 mins | U.S.
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